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This article will show you how to redirect people who visit your website to another URL.

Log into cPanel and click on the Redirects icon

Redirection is best configured after Parking or Adding-on a domain. Go to the Domains section in cPanel, and click on the Redirects icon.

Type : Choose a 301 (permanent) redirection from the Type drop down box. 302 redirection should NOT be used for long term redirection, as the original URL will continue to be considered valid by search engines.

http://(www). : Choose the domain you would like to redirect, or choose ** All Public Domains ** to redirect all of your domains. You can leave the second box (after the / symbol) empty, unless you only wish to redirect only a specific page. If this is the case, then do NOT tick the Wild Card Redirect check box.

Redirects to → : Enter the full URL you wish to direct to. Again, use a specific URL, or if you are redirecting a whole domain, then just use the base URL e.g. (do not use a trailing slash).

www. redirection : Choose your www redirection settings (usually you will want to Redirect with or without www - the default).

Wild Card Redirect : Tick this box if you want to redirect every resource from one domain to another 

Finally, click the Add button to add your redirection.

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